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Dear Patient,


We have the opportunity to relocate to brand new purpose built premises, within a mile of our current location. Your views are important to us and we would be grateful if you can complete and submit the survey.

Do I have to do anything?
No, you do not need to do anything for the move, you will remain a registered patient at our surgery and you do not have to register elsewhere unless you choose to.

Why do we need to move? The premises do not meet the Minimum Standards for GP premises. We are not DDA compliant and do not meet disabled access requirements. We need to move in order to continue to be a GP practice and deliver services.

Please click on this link to access the survey:

Relocation of Practice Premises

The new Practice catchment areas and opening hours will be the same. However the new premises will enable us to employ more clinical staff and have an improved skill mix to accommodate the needs of our patients. Are you in favour of the relocation?(Required)
The new large purpose built premises will enable the practices to provide additional services e.g. Blood tests, minor surgery, training for new GP’s. Are you in favour of relocation?(Required)
The practice is considering changing our name 3 options are below please choose by ticking the one you are most in favour of(Required)

The proposed new site will be a short distance (less than one mile) from the current Practices, with good transport links, there are 8 Pay & Display bays (it is first come first served basis). Distance from our Current Location. *By Bus 9 minutes *Walking 11 minutes *Car 3 minutes *Cycling 3 minutes *Nearest Station Blackhorse Road

Are you in favour of the possible move?(Required)

Quality Impact Assessment

Are you a?(Required)
Do you consider yourself to be disabled?(Required)
What is your gender?(Required)
What is your age bracket?(Required)
Ethnic Group(Required)

Thank you for completing this survey. Your feedback will help us make the best decisions